The hello Ethics CBC Heavy Industries SA, is an exclusive and confidential environment, made available so that its employees, suppliers, partners and clients can, in a secure, identified or anonymous way, report conduct that is not in compliance with the ethical, integral and transparent performance expected by hello Ethics CBC Heavy Industries SA Full confidentiality of the identity of those who use this channel is guaranteed.

The information will be received by an independent company specialized in ethical issues, ensuring absolute secrecy and non-retaliation to the complainant.

For a better understanding of the situation, we ask that you provide as much detail and information as you think important, such as: Approximate dates, locations, names and values ​​involved. The wealth of information allows for rapid and effective investigation.

You also have the option to register your report in our ethical line, through the telephone: +55 0800 449 1032 and through the email cbcsa@aloetica.com.br